Welcome to Relentless Gamers the Ultimate Gaming website.  

We are up and running.  WOW!  Its been a long process.  Bookmark this page and register. Trust me you wont regret it.   If your looking for fun this is the place.

Relentless Gamers is a community that will help you in the various games that you play.  If you need help, ask your fellow clan members for assistance.  The more members we bring to the community the better gaming experience you will have.  

Relentless Gamers will be offering up tournaments in GTA 5, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Metal Gear, etc.  Winning the tournament could earn you some great rewards.  So get your skills up, and we will see who is the best.  

Relentless Gamers offers you forum where you can trash talk other clan members and even start clan wars on your games.  Let us know who is victorious so we can keep track of who the ultimate clan is.  Rewards could be having your avatar leveled up, money drop, or even one of the many package deals that we offer.

For those members who would like to increase their gaming experience we offer some services that could change the way you play the game completely.  We will be adding to these services as they come available.  Please check out our site for the various services that we offer.  Make sure you look at those package deals they are amazing.

Check out some of the features that we offer.  Remember the site is free so why not join? Everyone loves Free.  Take a look at some of the products that we sell or join a tournament and let the other gamers know you are Relentless!!!

Videos coming soon.  This will greatly help your gaming experience.  Videos will consist of how to make your gaming experience better. 
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Relentless Gamers Don't forget to vote guys tell your friends! and sign up for the tournament reward for winners is free money drop ! :0
5th Aug 2015
Relentless Gamers What other games would you like for the next tournament? Post in the comments section. We will try to make it happen.
3rd Aug 2015
RAGE This site is amazing!
3rd Aug 2015
Relentless Gamers Some cool new features to check out.
1st Aug 2015
shortydad checking mic 1 2 checking mic 1 2 lol
30th Jul 2015

We haven't setup any tournaments yet.

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